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Professional Counselling Psychotherapy

One time or another we are all faced with some kind of distress in our lives. So many variables affect us in ever-changing environment we live in:

In dealing with various different challenges in our daily lives, we sometimes get stuck in solving a particular issue or various different issues. At that time we seem to become baffled and frustrated, not being able to decide what path to take. We might lose the ability to trust our instinctive thoughts or feelings, un-enabling us to make appropriate decisions in accordance with our direct perceptions and evaluations. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to resolve an issue on our own. It helps to share our difficulties with another person and as the saying goes two heads are better than one. Providing the ideal secure environment for you, to come and share your difficulties with a professional counselling psychotherapist . Creating the right therapeutic conditions where you can disclose and explore your difficulties. By effective listening, non-judgemental acceptance and being authentic, I would assist you in exploring your thinking processes and work through strategies to deal with your presenting issues.

My Professional Journey

Satish Parmar (MBACP)

Having had a personal experience of the effectiveness of counselling, I decided to train as a therapeutic counsellor. From various models of counselling, I chose the Integrative Humanistic Counselling model because the teachings were attuned to my values and beliefs.

The Humanistic approach is to value the uniqueness of each individual and through counselling  aim to empower individuals to resolving their presenting issues and minimizing their difficulties. My Integrative counselling course consisted of three humanistic approaches:

These three approaches aim to assist a counselor, in understanding a person as a whole, assisting them in analyzing their thought processes and how they view themselves – their self-image or the self-concept. After qualifying and on completion of two placements in 2010, one in an addiction center and the other in a GP surgery, I set up my own private practice. I have worked with hundreds of clients with issues ranging from dealing with anxiety to someone having attempted suicide. Counselling is a process of looking at one’s thought processes, feelings, and behaviours. Struggles and difficulties can be viewed from various different perspectives and depending on one’s personality development and the development of their self-image (self-concept), a client’s presenting issues could be dealt with less distress. I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I closely adhere to their ethical principles and code of practice. I belong to the accredited register of the Professional Standards Authority.

My Qualifications.

By creating a comfortable space for clients to feel significant and valued, I try to understand my client’s thought processes and feelings by effectively listening to their disclosure. With a firm belief that each one of us has the entitlement to be happy and have the potential to achieve a positive outcome of whatever seems to be troubling us, I work with my client to re-evaluating their thinking processes and coping mechanisms. With periodic appraisals of therapy with my client, we evaluate how the client is finding the therapeutic process and whether the sessions are meeting their needs.

Counselling Issues

Being a generic counsellor, I am trained to tackle a wide range of issues. I can offer support and be of assitance in most presenting issues including :

Apart from face-to-face counselling, I can provide counselling through phone calls, emails, Zoom, Webex, Google meet, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. In any method of counselling used, I adhere to my British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Principles and Code of Practice, maintaining strict boundaries and confidentiality. 

Alternatively please provide your contact details and we will get in touch with you.